GayFest 2008 and Miss Travesti in Romania

Probably of all you know by now about the recent California's Supreme Court decision accordingto which gay couples in the American nation's biggest state can marry. That was great news fotthe estimated number of 92.000 Californian couples and a news that also brought great hopesthe Gay Romania Community (GRC).

GRC is a community that still faces disapproval and suffers from prejudice in a highly-religious country. However, this does not prevent Gay Romania Community from standig out fot its rights, including the yearly gay parade, which has always came along with clashes between the participants and their opponents and GayFest 2008 will certainly not be an exception.

Apart from the more or less violent and stunt statements of its existence, Gay Romania Community is also involved in organising lots of more activities, among which such contests like Miss Travesti. The contest proved to be very populat within the Gay Romania Community and has reached already its fourth edition this year.

Despite all these facts, Gay Romania Community is yet far from getting rid of marginalisation imposed in a country that divids into the tolerant group (me included) and the intolerant one (the majority).

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