Grants Manager Position

The Academy for Educational Development (AED) is recruiting for the position of Grants Manager for the "Strengthening Civil Society Monitoring Capacity in Moldova" (SCSMCM) project, a 16-month USAID-funded activity. The emphasis of the program will be to strengthen the monitoring capacity of civil society and mass media to help prevent and deter corruption. Grants Manage will assist in implementing the SCSMCM Grants Program, ensuring that the process for awarding grants is transparent, that grantees meet all standards of grant administration, and that the grants are achieving the goals intended. The Grants Manager will be the direct link between the project and grantees.

Key illustrative functions -Facilitate and ensure the integrity of the grant application and selection process.
-Maintain the grants management standards.
-Provide technical assistance to grantees in meeting AED technical and financial reporting requirements.
-Conduct regular site visits, ensure achievement of expected grantee results, objectives and indicator targets and the receipt of all deliverables.
-Coordinate with the Finance Manager to oversee financial aspects of grants.
-Conduct workshops on grant procedures. Train the grantees on USAID/AED requirements and reporting procedures.
-Contribute as appropriate to reports to USAID documenting the Grant Program implementation.

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