Earn cash with your blog: Auction Ads

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Here is a new way to earn cash with your blog: Auction Ads. The good thing about this way of earning cash for your blog is that:

  1. Auction Ads is not a contextually based ad product and is compatible with all other ad systems.
  2. When your site's visitors click on an Auction Ad listing and take an action on eBay you earn cash. Actions are defined as a Winning Bid, a Buy-it-Now or a confirmed user registration. AuctionAds is committed to paying out a minimum of 100% of eBay commission revenue. See eBay's affiliate program for details on the payout.
  3. All Auction Ads units contain a referral link. Anyone who signs up through that link will be credited to the affiliate running the ads. See more program details on the affiliate page
  4. AuctionAds currently supports traffic from all countries in which eBay has a presence. Ad units currently only display ads in English, but all click traffic is geotargeted to the visitors country. To clarify: at this time no ads are displayed from other countries' eBay sites. When a non-US visitor clicks an ad, they are taken to a search page of items from the same keywords. As ad impression volume builds from specific countries, we will consider adding local ad display. Our statistics and testing shows that this converts extremely well for international users.
  5. You can use the same AA account on as many sites as you want. You can use the flexibility of the campaign feature to keep track of statistics for different sites, or different areas of different sites.
I decided to try it, to see if it's worth anything. Why shouldn't you?

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