Earn Cash with your Blog: BritePic

BritePic is a service by AdBrite that allows you to add a tiny menu to the images on your site.

What is BritePic? BritePic adds interactivity and ads (if you want them) to the photos on your website. BritePic is free and easy to use. If you’re an HTML coder, use BritePic instead of the tag.

What kind of interactivity?

BritePic adds the following features to the images on your website:

  • Email this image
  • Link to this image
  • Embed this image (you still get the ad revenue, even if your pic is embedded elsewhere)
  • Zoom in and out (see demo)
  • Captions that slide out when you hover over the pic
  • Ads from AdBrite
  • Link the image to another URL
  • Subscribe to RSS
  • Rate this image (coming soon)
  • View gallery (coming soon)
  • Discuss this image (coming soon)
  • Accessibility features for visually impaired (coming soon)
  • And more…

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