Earn Cash with your Blog: Here Comes Smorty

There are several paid to post sites on the net, and besides PPP, Smorty is one of the best there is. Both registered advertisers and bloggers will get benefit and profit from their service. Advertisers can get the word out for their services and products and the bloggers get cash.

How does Smorty blog advertising work? Smorty is a hub between advertisers and bloggers. The system is very straight forward to use. You create your blog advertising campaign, Smorty reviews it and delivers it instantly to its vast blogger network. Each blog post is checked automatically by Smorty smart review. All approved posts appear on your admin panel for optional manual review, posts must comply with blogger rules.

In order to get approved by Smorty, your blog should be maintained with at least two postings per week on average, receive some traffic, be at least three months old and it should be indexed by Google.

I haven't tried it yet, but strongly considering to. Register now!

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