Google "improves" mobile search

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Google has launched a new search service for mobile phones, promising "faster" and "more relevant results". The facility gathers regular and mobile web results, news, images and local listings, meaning people no longer have to specify a type of search.

An improved "local search experience" is based on Google's belief that mobile search is more often used to find area information such as cinema listings. The service is now available in the UK, France, Germany and Canada. It has been available in the US since March last year.

Google believes mobile services have huge potential and have set up engineering groups in North America and the UK to develop new applications. Last year, the firm launched an operating system for mobile phones called Android, which it hopes will challenge existing platforms such as Window's Mobile and Symbian. The new search functions are part of that drive.

People using Google on mobiles previously had to specify a search type in advance, or afterwards choose between different indexes such as local results, images or websites.

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