iPhone spurs Web traffic, if not music sales

While Apple did not introduce any significant iPhone upgrades at its annual Macworld convention, which ran January 14-18 in San Francisco, the iconic device still made waves. Apple has sold more than 4 million iPhones since launch, according to leader Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote. But what's more interesting is what the people who bought it are doing with it.

In data provided to the New York Times, Google disclosed that it received more traffic from iPhones this Christmas than from any other mobile device, despite owning only 2 percent of the smart-phone market and less than 1 percent of the overall mobile-phone market. That means that while fewer people own iPhones, those who do possess the device use it to access the Internet much more than those with competing handsets.

What's not clear is whether the iPhone's slick design and simple user interface has proved useful for other functions -- such as buying music. Although iPhone users can purchase songs from iTunes when in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot, Apple declined to reveal how many have done so.

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