StumbleUpon - The Most Popular Social Bookmarking Site for (Pro)Bloggers

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Have you ever wondered which is the most popular social bookmarking site? I have. According to a poll results held at, StumbleUpon seems to be the first in the top 3 social bookmarking sites.

StumbleUpon with 31% s followed by Delicious with 21% and Digg with 19 %. By the way, do you use any social bookmarking site? If yes, which one? If not, why?

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vultoor said...

Folosesc Stumble si imi place toolbar-ul lor foarte mult. O gramada de lucruri bune gasesc cu el.

INconstantIN said...

De acord, StumbleUpon rules! Dar si digg e bun pentru sapat, mai ales cand sapi in propria gradina:)!

~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Si eu folosesc Stumble. BlogCatalog e iar interesant. M`am inscris si pe Spicypage (tot de la tine am linkul)dar nu e la fel de "palpitant" precum cele deja mentionate.