Top 5 cars of the future: Ford Explorer America, Toyota A-BAT, Fisker Hybrid, Cadillac Provoq, Mercedes-Benz Vision GLK Freeside

Here is the top 5 cars of the future made at this year's edition of the Detroit Auto Show

1. Ford Explorer America

2. Toyota A-BAT

3. Fisker Hybrid

4. Cadillac Provoq

5. Mercedes-Benz Vision GLK Freeside

Sometimes a concept isn’t just an idea, but rather a movement. At the North American International Auto Show, these five significant debuts point the way that the industry will reshape itself in the years to come.

The Ford Explorer America is proof that the days of the traditional truck-based, body-on-frame sport/ute are indeed numbered.

Eschewing V-8 power, this Ford concept uses a choice of 4- or 6-cylinder engines in a car-based unit-body that still retains the rugged styling of a true off-roader.

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