Best plugins for your Wordpress Blog, part 1

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Now that I have made up my mind on moving to WordPress I am spendig quite a while on resarching tips and tricks for WordPress bloggers. So, I decided to share wth you some of the information I have already gathered. I will start by listing the best plugins available for the WordPress users.
  1. Aksimet Comment Spam Killer: This is the best comment spam protection plugin for your Wordpress blogs. It is already there, you should activate it and use it, but you still need an API key.
  2. Related Posts: Display related posts to the post you are viewing. You can download the Related Posts plugin here
  3. Recent Comments: Display recent comments on your sidebar. You have it on your WordPress blog already, all you have to do is to activate it.
  4. Show Top Commentators: This will encourage your visitors post comments on your blogs. Their names linking to thir blogs will be shown on your sidebar. You can download the Show Top Commentators Plugin here
  5. Google Sitemap Generator: This plugin is for you to create a sitemap which will help search engines crawl your pages easier, so that your blog will get a higher positioning in the search results. You can download the Google Sitemap Generator Plugin here
  6. Adsense Deluxe: For all those outthere looking forward to earn some cash with their blogs and want to use AdSense ads. You can download the AdSense Deluxe Plugin here
  7. Onclick: This plugins help you install WordPress plugins and themes without one click only. You can download the Onclick plugin here

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~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said... plug-ins pt blogger?....

INconstantIN said...

Mai mult decat vezi la mine, nu ai altele care sa se merite, cu exceptia related posts, dar ala are bug.uri, asa ca...

Canadianul said...

Cu Akismet am avut probleme si l-am dezinstalat de la inceput. Unui prieten care comenta mai des ii tot dadea un mesaj de genul: cometezi prea des, slow down...