Get 8000 Dollars through the New Graduate Award for All International Doctoral Students

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The Office of the Associate Provost (Graduate Education) is delighted to announce that approximately $2.25M in new funding is being made available to support international doctoral students. As of September 2007, each eligible international doctoral student registered full-time at McGill will be awarded approximately $8,000 per year. This will ensure that they pay tuition at the same rate as Quebec doctoral students.

While McGill has attracted many high-quality international Doctoral students in the past, they have traditionally been underfunded, since they are not eligible for Canada or Quebec research council awards. The McGill International Doctoral Awards (MIDAs) directly address this problem and contribute to McGill's priorities of internationalism, increased graduate enrollment, academic excellence and service to society. MIDAs help us build on our achievement as the best public university in North America (Times Higher Education Supplement, 2007).

MIDAs is a pan-university initiative: resources for this award come from the University Administration, Faculties, academic units and individual researchers.

*Eligibility: All international (i.e. non-Canadian) doctoral students are eligible to receive a MIDAs award unless their fees (including the international tuition supplement) are being paid directly by an external source (i.e. governments, agencies, corporate sponsors, fellowships that include direct payment of tuition).

N.B. There is no application form. All students will be automatically assessed for eligibility, and the awards will be made automatically. WTF?

More information may be found from the link New Graduate Award for All International Doctoral Students

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