Google troubled by Microsoft move. A quick press review on the Microsfot Yahoo deal

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Microsoft Yahoo Deal
Google has said it finds Microsoft's $44.6bn (£22.65bn) bid to buy rival Yahoo "troubling" and wants regulators to scrutinise the proposed deal. In a blog, Google said the tie-up could unfairly limit the ability of consumers to freely access competitors' email and instant messaging services. It said Microsoft had previously sought "to establish proprietary monopolies". Microsoft made an unsolicited offer for Yahoo on Friday, and Yahoo has said it is considering the proposal.

Microsoft's Kevin Johnson said that the combination of the two companies would create an entity that could better compete with Google. "Today the market [for online search and advertising] is increasingly dominated by one player," he said. But that view is not held by the top executives at Google. "Microsoft's hostile bid for Yahoo raises troubling questions," said David Drummond, Google's senior vice president for corporate development and chief legal officer.

"This is about more than simply a financial transaction, one company taking over another. It's about preserving the underlying principles of the internet: openness and innovation," he said in a company blog. Mr Drummond suggested Microsoft may attempt to exert an "inappropriate... influence" over the internet.

And now, here is a quick press review on other mass media dwellin upon the Microsfoft's bid for Yahoo:

  1. Blog: Google says Microsoft-Yahoo bad for Internet After Saturday's big news of Microsoft's massive bid for Yahoo, just about anyone who is interested in the Internet has weighed in to give their opinion on this affair. New Zealand Herald - New Zealand
  2. Google blasts Microsoft bid as a threat to Internet freedom The arrival of Google on the Internet scene in the late 1990s changed the landscape of the web, and at times, Yahoo! found the going tough. Daily Telegraph, United Kingdom
  3. Google: Microsoft deal bad for Internet It's about preserving the underlying principles of the Internet: openness and innovation." Google's opposition isn'ta surprise, given that Microsoft views are sometimes so diffuse on the subject. Business Week, USA
  4. Microsoft bid for Yahoo faces inquiry The US competition authorities will launch an investigation this week into the proposed takeover of the Internet portal specialist Yahoo by the giant Microsoft. The Independent, United Kingdom
  5. Tech giants' investors have a lot to think over Microsoft's $44.6 billion bid Friday for Yahoo, in the biggest combination ever of two technology companies, shakes up the Internet's balance of power. USA Today, USA
  6. Google launches its ‘let’s annoy Microsoft’ plan The regulator spin has already begun as Google broke out the open Internet card. ZDnet, USA
  7. Microsoft and Yahoo's shotgun marriage Microsoft's proposal to buy internet veteran Yahoo for a whopping $44.6bn (£22.4bn) certainly grabs the attention. BBC, United Kingdom

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