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Today’s release brings a number of updates to Blogger:
  • Clearer identity options on the comment form, which now highlights some of the more popular OpenID providers more obviously.
  • Transliteration is now available in Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu as well as Hindi
  • Posts with more than 200 comments have them split across multiple pages.
  • Layouts blogs now have a “Layouts” tab instead of “Template.”

We also made fixes to address bugs and other problems, including:

  • Better Persian translations and other BiDi layout fixes
  • A fix to the long-standing incorrect label counts bug
  • Safari 3 support for the Layouts template editor pages
  • Faster loading times for the post editor
  • Improved international support in the post editor’s date and time fields
  • Compatibility fixes for Picasa’s BlogThis! button

Nevertheless, there are two new issues that you should know about:

Update, 8:30PM: Added new transliteration languages to features list

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