The number of malicious programs found online has reached an unprecedented high, say security firms

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Malicious programs

Report vary but some estimates suggest there were five times as many variants of malicious programs in circulation in 2007 compared to 2006. Security company Panda Software said it was getting more than 3,000 novel samples of so called malware every day. Security software testing organisation AV Test reported that it saw 5.49 million unique samples of malicious software in 2007 - five times more than the 972,606 it saw in 2006.

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waliz said...

hi..just wanna tell u i got myself an ecard..but sadly i still couldnt download my own i just do the easiest solutions..grab whatever they have !
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INconstantIN said...

I saw it already on your blog. I gave up entrecard, because it brought me some artificial traffic and some fellow bloggers accused me of not playing fair:), but who knows, maybe I'll have it back after a while. I don't understand why can't you put your own picture there, try again!