What do 311 tech leaders fear the most?

Another great post from the Wall Street Journal Blogs. The post by Ben Worthen, The Technology Tech Leaders Fear the Most speaks on what consumer-oriented technology 311 tech leaders fear the most. Respondents could only pick one. Here are the top nine answers:

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9. Voice-over-the-Internet software. Tech execs weren’t that afraid of Skype and other software that lets people make phone calls over the Web. Only 1% named it their top threat.

8. Online productivity software. This surprised us, but software like Google Apps and Zoho, which lets workers share spreadsheets and word-processing files over the Internet, were only the most frightening consumer technology for 2% of tech leaders.

7. Digital cameras. Four percent of tech leaders were afraid of digital cameras, presumably because employees could photograph confidential files or mess things up when they connect the devices to company-owned computers.

6. Remote storage. Web sites that let workers store whatever data they want scare 5% of tech leaders.

5. Smartphones. Are information-technology departments getting over their iPhone phobia? Only 7% of tech leaders said that smartphones posed the biggest threat to their organizations.

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