10 Best WordPress plugins to get more comments on your blog

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Now that I am just days away from moving to WordPress, without, however, deleting this blog, I spend a lot of time studying tips and tricks for the WordPress bloggers. The results of my research wanderings can be found afterwards in posts I write for those who already use WordPress as well as for those who are sick and tired of Blogger (blogpost) and also think about taking WordPress as a "blogging shelter":)!

The success of a professional blogger is certainly residing on his/her ability to make the blog s/he runs a true interaction-based facility of which comments are the basis. So, a skillful blogger is sure to pay as much attention as possibile to providing appropriate circumstances for the visitors to comment on the blog.

Apart from a decent and polite way of responding to the comments you receive on your blog (to as much as possible) you might want, at first, have the necessary incentives for those visitors to comment, more and more. Thus, here are the 10 best plugins to get more comments recommended by ProBlogger!

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