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After an excellent experience with, Blogsvertise, and the recently discovered Smorty, I have found another source of making money online for smart bloggers: BlogToProfit

Earn Cash with BlogToProfit

In case you'd like to give BlogToProfit a try, here is the set of rules your blog must comply with in order to be eligible:

1. The blog must be at least 3 months old with quality content and updated at least twice per week.

2. A BlogToProfit administrator may approve or decline your account or blog post for any reason. It is the sole discretion of the administrator. Bloggers with blogs below the requirements may not be notified about the declined blog.

3. Bloggers will be notified only for approved blogs. Blogs that are not qualified yet may be re-evaluated after 2 months.

4. You may only apply for a BlogToProfit blogger account with a root domain. e.g. You can not use, however you can use subdomains e.g.

5. Blogs should have a clear permalink structure.

6. Blogs with expiring domains may likely be rejected.

7. Bloggers are paid for the approved blog posts on a weekly basis, through Paypal or through the mode of Payment specified in the blogger’s account.

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