BlogUpp! - the easiest way to get readers and traffic for quality blogs

I have discovered yesterday a new amazing way to drive traffic and benefit from new connections from bloggers with quality content: BlogUpp! This is a combination of the innovation brought by Entrecard and the old way of free link exchange. However, it seems that BlogUpp! operates with the highest in the industry exchange ratio of 10:9.

There is no registration, no account, and no other data required, except the link to the blog. BlogUpp! generates in return a short code, for the blogger just to copy and paste into its blog once, and which will result in driving new traffic to it for good. WordPress platform and alike are supported as well.

I also liked a lot the way you get to register with BlogUpp!, that is by... not registering:)!

BlogUpp! doesn't require the blogger to submit an ad either, as it automatically takes a snapshot of the blog, and shares it on others using the service from

Each blog's snapshot is accompanied by the most recent article, which BlogUpp! gets by reading blog's RSS regularly. In this way the blogger enriches its blog content, and the readers are provided with diversified and valuable information. At the same time this method ensures there are no animation and annoying ads displayed to the readers.

There is no need for you to worry about the language of the blogs that get to display on your blog through BlogUpp!, because the scanning process allows the blogs written in English to display blogs written in English and those written in Spanish to display blogs written in Spanish.

I have BlogUpp! on my blog already, do you?

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~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Thank for the tip :) I`ll try it ASAP :)

Anonymous said...

Tnx ... sa vedem ...