EU Internet: Speeds Up, Prices Down

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More than 50,000 European homes and offices added a high-speed broadband Internet connection every day last year, according to the European Commission. Increasing competition has cut prices as Internet speeds increase, while mobile third-generation Internet services doubled last year to include 88 million users, some 20 percent of the EU's population, the commission said Wednesday.

Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands now top the world in their proportion of residents with broadband service, although the European Union as a whole lags behind other regions with a "broadband penetration rate" of 20 percent.

More than half of broadband connections have speeds of 2 megabits to 10 megabits per second although a "significant" number of connections transmit data at 10 megabits per second. Some 19 million broadband lines were added across Europe last year, generating revenues of $98 billion for telecommunications companies.

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