Internet Explorer 8 Beta Best Review

I planned today to take some time off and persuade myself into making a review on Internet Explorer 8 Beta. But the laziness and the weekend-in-the-air atmosphere proved to be stronger than my search for a "handsmade" review:)!

 Internet Explorer 8 Beta

However, I did spend quite a while on researching some of the numerous reviews that appeared as soon as Internet Explorer 8 Beta has been released. And the one I really liked and, believe it or not, really enjoyed reading, was the one provided by Click here to read this article, called First look: Internet Explorer 8 beta.

Before reading this review, you shoul probably know two important facts mentioned by the authors of the review at the very beginning of First look: Internet Explorer 8 beta

1. This review focuses only on the actual user experience of using IE8 though the beta has been released for developers. We didn't test aspects of the beta that are targeted to developers or that are concerned with underlying compatibilities and standards. For example, IE8 now includes a Developer Tools feature, which includes tools for HTML, CSS, scripting and debugging. Microsoft claims that the browser includes better scripting performance, and support for HTML5. And in the final version, although not this one, Microsoft claims that IE8 will have full CSS 2.1 support.

2. Finally, we tested IE8 for Windows XP, rather than the Windows Vista version (both versions have the same features).

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