K2 Blogger (blogspot)Template

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Another great Blogger (blogspot) theme for the environment/ecology based blogs. Cosy and nice due to its simple navigation menu right under the banner ant its entire 2-columns concept.

K2 Blogger Template mdro.blogspot.com
Version History
10th Dec 2006 - Release
17th Dec 2006 - Updated with extra spacing

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Nick said...

Yes, this is a great templte, I use it on my other blog I write on with my sister:)! Good tastes you have!

INconstantIN said...

I do, don't I:D! Thank you, Nick!

CF said...

Again, though it looks ok, it's not fit for the monetizing operations, IMHO!

INconstantIN said...

Why not? There is place for a nice 336 x 280 ad format, after which there is allso place for a range of 125x125 banner ads. So...