Mimbo - one of the best Wordpress Themes

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Here is one of the Wordpress themes I will experiment with on my future Wordpress blog. I saw thie theme, authored by Darren Hoyt, modified on a range of blogs and it looks simply great.

mimbo theme by Darren Hoyt mdro.blogspot.com
Mimbo is a magazine-style Wordpress theme which makes extensive use of WP’s template tag system to create a non-traditional layout. It contains no images and only minimal CSS styling. Mainly it exists as a clean, grid-based starter layout for designers to install and style to their own liking:

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Dumitru Brînzan said...

Not that great... A simple layout with pretty basic structure... Nothing special :)

INconstantIN said...

I'll be damned!:) Show me another Wordpress theme, not a CMS! One that you DO think is a great!!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I started a worpress blog a while back. Some things I like better, the wysiwyg editor stinks.

Hello from SpeedyCat! You are the e card blog today :-)

INconstantIN said...

I agree upon the wysiwig editor:)! Thanx for the ecard:)! I really appreciate it!