Spottt free link exchange from AdBrite is not at all efficient

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I have promised that I will have Spottt free link exchange network provided by AdBrite on my blog for a week after which I was to write about its effectiveness. Well, I am not al all excited with them. For instance, I have only registered 11 clicks in 4 days from other blogs in the network. Il might, however, work on your blogs, though, so why not try it on?

A little bit of advice for those of you thinking about signing up with Spottt free link exchange network: try not to have any "nakedness" on your homepage the day you sign up, otherwise you well get such kind of a message from the Spottt free link exchange network admins:D

Spottt free link exchange network mdro.blogspot.comIt was due to the picture below that my blog was at first rejected by the conscious administrators of the Spottt free link exchange network. Yet, as soon as the post with this picture moved away from my homepage, everything was OK and my blog was pumped in:))!

laptop and more:D

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~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

Why would they consider the pic of a laptop as being naughty ??? :)))