Thinking about some online gaming? Use Sloterix, one of the best online slots site

Those of you who have never used slots machines to enjoy the feeling of fortunte-tester, just raise your hands! From where I’m sitting, I see only one person with his hand down:).

- How’s that, come on, just be honest! You tell me you never duelled yourself with slots machines?
- No, ‘cause I’m scared of those machines and I prefer the online slots.

There is no doubt that many of us today choose the cosy way to play slots via Internet. Among the large variety of sites offering such servicies there is one that stands out from the crowd:
Sloterix mdro.blogspot.comThis is due to the fact that is among the oldest sites in the online slots industry and to the high number of registered voters it has: over 100.000.

The great thing about this site is that it doesn't only provide you with the oppportunity to play slots, it also offers the latest news in the industry, various features, tips and tricks for the online slots, all of these aiming at improving its members skills as slots machines players and providing all the necessary information for those fond of online slots.

From the technical point of view, has a very nice design with an asp encoding making it very fast and responsive to the needs of the Internet-users. However, there is one thing about that one might not like: althouh there is an email address you can use for the online suport, there is no real time chat opportunity on the site. Besides, using an yahoo email for a contact does not look too well for a professional site.

However, sloterix's objective is to share with its users the unique experience of online slots gaming in a trustworthy environment. Thus, at you are sure to get the best services while enjoying the online slots playing experience.

Good luck, everyone!

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