Changes of the Yahoo! Mail Classic

I don't know if you have noticed that Yahoo! Mail Classic has changed its looks, but I did when I saw that, similar to Gmail, you have now the possibility to see the new emails counter on the browser, as well as the flag options directly up in the account without any need for additional clicks.

At first I thought those to be the only changes of the Yahoo! team, afterwards, however, I came across this:

  • Auto-saves a draft of the message you're composing.
  • Streamlines attachment uploads and downloads.
  • Sends emails from any of your email accounts through Yahoo! Mail Classic.
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~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

I recently noticed that change as well. I don`t know about you but I like it. I was having trouble adjusting to the "all new yahoo mail" so I stuck to the classic one. I`m now satisfied with my decision :)

INconstantIN said...

I don't actually like cause it's an imitation of gmail...