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Conzep for Blogger is a modification of a WordPress theme called Conzep, originally designed by Joe Mitcho. It is also a derivative work from WordPress default theme, Kubrick (WordPress version of this beautiful theme can be found at author's blog. Check out live demo of this template to see it fully functional.

Conzep blogger template
Main features:
  • Two column layout
  • Advanced commenting
  • Recent comments on sidebar
  • Integrated Technorati tags
  • Integrated Google Sitesearch

This is a free template released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. This means that you can use this template for your personal or commercial blog, edit it according to your needs, and even re-distribute it as long as you keep the credit links at footer.

  1. Chose one of the packages; Default Commenting version or Comments Hack version.
  2. Unzip the package and go to images folder. Upload all of the images to a free image host (such as, and write down the given links.
  3. Open theme.txt with a text editor (like notepad), then search for /* Theme Images */.
  4. Replace the image file names with links you have taken from your image host, and then save.
  5. Select all text from theme.txt by pressing CTRL+A, then copy by pressing CTRL+C.
  6. Go to "Blogger dashboard > Template", and after deleting the old codes, paste your theme code by pressing CTRL+V, then save and republish your blog

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