VIDEO: Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger explains why he loves Twitter

Those of you who happen to read more often this blog know already that I started a series of posts regarding the usability of Twitter in the blogosphere.


I even had a poll for a month and so, the results of which showed no clear and blunt statement regarding the question I asked: Should we, or should we not use Twitter? This confusion stated at the end of the poll is one that can be noticed on the major blogs too.


There are two camps: the first pleads for the usage of Twitter as a comeplementing blogging tool, the sacred Graal of "microblogging", while the others cry outloud that Twitter is along with Yahoo Messenger, MSN, FaceBook etc. a new item in the long list of things that aim our total addiction to Internet.

I am confused too. I don't have a clear opinion regarding Twitter whatsoever, thus, I cannot stick to any of the two camps.

However, here is an interesting point of view expressed in a post containing a YouTube video, released by Darren Rowse aka ProBlogger, (one of the most fervent supporters of Twitter) featuring the replies of the ProBlogger followers: Why I Love Twitter


Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

I've left comments on at LEAST half a dozen blogs saying its a waste of time as an internet marketing stratgegy. It's like StumbleUpon; interesting for finding stuff on the web (actually scratch that it's not even interesting). The only reason people are even talking about it, is because of Darren.

The day is too short to add ANOTHER thing to watch all the time. You get there and there is nothing there. I joined this week and put an "update" once a day to see what happens.

zoom56okdavid said...

I misspelled a word up there

INconstantIN said...

Dave, I totally agree upon that, but the funny thing is that although we both think of it as a waste of time, we both came to use Twitter:D!

Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

Well there is "use" and there is "Use."

With Entrecard, I put in like 2 hours a day dropping those cards-I'll probably do that for a month at most. With Twitter, I put in 30 seconds a day to say what I'm doing.

INconstantIN said...

Letter capitalization always matters, I know:D!