Translator plug-ins for Yahoo Messenger

Here’s an overview of the translator plug-ins that are available for Yahoo Messenger users.

Yahoo! IndiChat / ChitChat (Indian)

Launch this plug-in and you can type in English and have your message translated into one of eight Indian scripts (Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali and Gujarati; ChitChat includes Punjabi). As you type, the English characters are displayed in Indian script and when you press the ‘Send’ button, it sends the message to your friend in the selected language.

IndiChat: More info & Install | Try it now
ChitChat: More info & Install | Try it now

Jhol (Indian)

Similar to IndiChat and ChitChat, Jhol lets you type your message in various Indian scripts. The main difference is that the Jhol interface includes a keyboard interface as an aid. More info & Install | Try it now


If you’re not a native English speaker and sometimes struggle with the IMs from your friends, Dictionary can help. The plug-in will display the latest message from your friend with links on each of the words. Click a link to see a word’s meaning from one of three sources – Wordnet, Urban Dictionary or Wikimedia. Even if you do speak English well, this can be a fun plug-in to test each other on word meanings. I still enjoy a good game of Dictionary every now and then.
More info & Install | Try it now

Plug-ins are available for Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 and 9.0

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