VIDEO: Amy Winehouse - Rock in Rio - 2008 - some bizarre moments

For the first 3 songs you just couldn't understand a word she was singing and she kept herself busy trying to understand how to fix the height of the microphone. WTF! Amy complains she can't play the guitar cause she has some kind of injury in her right wrist... she can barely hold the guitar's weight! She finally actually attempts to play the guitar... Crash and burn... Amy is NOT singing... she is high... the show has no rhythm... total disappointment!! Amy gets emotional and babbles something to the crow (or to Blake) - "you love me but I'm such a mess" then starts to sing 'Love is a Losing Game' and cries... crowd goes wild calling out her name... Amy asks for the crowd to make some noise for her and her husband Blake's first year anniversary. She confesses she just saw him today and that Blake will be home in a couple of weeks! OMG Amy falls on stage!!!!

There are always assistances ready to help her with everything and she can't keep herself upright! Damn high heels and crack! Well at least now we can understand what she is singing! Ah ah! Amy says Lenny Kravitz (next act on stage tonight) will fall on stage too! She says "well he probably won't but if Lenny falls on stage he would be embarrassed and I'm not!" Go Amy!!! Rock that stage!! Now Amy says her voice is terrible and she should have cancelled! She didn't cause she wanted to be in Lisbon so much!! That's a good way to win a crowd! OMG!! Amy forgot the lyrics to Rehab... just invented some new ones! Amy keeps drinking wine during her whole performance... it's finally her last song 'Valerie'... what a disappointment!! OK, if it wasn't for her backup singers Amy would have no show! It was the most embarrassing 50 minutes of music industry!"

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ettarose said...

She should be the poster child for why you should never smoke crack. I really think she is so nasty looking. Yuch!

- said...

She's on a fast train to BritneyVille.

Dave from WelcomeBackRosenthal

INconstantIN said...

@ ettaros: Good point!:))

@ Dave: And she's going fast.