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Some months ago I asked my readers who happen also to be bloggers what are the reasons they started up a blog. The overwhelming majority of them came up to my expectations by choosing "money".

Few weeks afterwards, in a kind of a related poll, I was curios to find out what kind of blogs are those reading my posts mostly interested in. Again, did the money-concerned audience reached the majority of votes.

Thus, I am happy to recommend today to my readers a blog that they will both enjoy and carefully read:

Talk Money Blog is an internet based consumer platform that offers consumer finance, money saving tips, expert, credit cards debts cleared legally, advice and help for its readers to save money or reclaim money.

The blog is run by Mark Aucam and is more than attractive in readership terms due to its availability through a newsletter and RSS.

What I also liked about the Talk Money Blog is the fact that it contains links to: useful resources and finance calculators.

More than that, Talk Money Blog is not a simple blog if taking into account the fact that it contains as well a forum where you can exchange ideas with our users, including such topics like credit cards debts cleared legally and you can also retriev information regarding the buy to let landlords issue .

With all these being said, enjoy your reading! :)

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