Simply amazing: Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate

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I've always been a fan of Natasha Bedingfield. Music, lyrics, or videos, everything was scrupulously paid attention to in her case. Yet, what is most important is that her live performancs are as pleasant as the recorded ones. Here is one of her latest releases, one that is more than appropiate for the present state of things on my interior map. An axiom and nothing more.

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Me said...

She is amazing, isn't she!

Dorina Bucur said...

da, stiu, nu ti plac neaparat persoanele care sunt de acord cu tine, sau care scriu doar comentarii laudative:), dar n am ce face...melodia asta e prea frumoasa:(:) ca mai toate melodiile natashei...trista dar frumoasa:(:)

Codreanu said...

@ Me: She really is, or at least her songs are:D
@ DORina: English, please:))

blogsreader said...

I liked her "I wanna have your babies" more. Maybe, because this song is too sad for me:). P.S. btw, great blog:D