Widgets for your blog: FuelMyBlog!

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Here is a new widget in the long list I have already recommended for the increase of interaction among bloggers: FuelMyBlog Use it and enjoy it!

What does fuelmyblog.com offer?

  • Allows you to add friends to a cool widget for display.
  • You can add your blog and an image
  • Vote for ("fuel this blog") other blogs that you like to read
  • Find more blogs to read.
  • Introduce yourself, chat and discuss issues on our forum
  • Find more readers for your blog (Guaranteed if you leave comments on votes)
  • Join in competitions and win prizes
  • Display your feed on the front page
  • Get free stuff to try or play with

  • Add to Technorati Favorites


Kevin D said...

I hope you enjoy the conversation ;-)

INconstantIN said...

Me too, me too:)