First Entrecard Credits give away held by Affiliate Lounge. It's not a contest, it's a give away, so hurrrry up!

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entrecard contest
While wondering about the hour-by-hour enlarging Entrecard network I came across a lot of different contests offered by the numerous blog-members. Many of them, if not all, have some confused requirements pointing to enlisting in the contest, writing posts, subscribing to the feed, and then, what seemed more irritatint, to wait and see the results of the contest in some weeks, if not months.

The exception to confirm the rule in this case is the Affiliate Lounge who is also holding a “kind of a contest”, because it’s not really a contest. And that is because all you have to do to get 500 ec from the Affiliate Lounge is to comply with the following 4 small conditions of the contest focused in a post you write on your blogs:

• Must contain a link pointing to
• Must contain a link pointing to any other post on my blog.
• Please use a picture, either a screenshot or Pic1 or Pic2
• Write what you want! Good or bad!
• Leave a comment here with the link

So, what are you waiting for? Pump in, till it’s not too late!

UPDATE: It worked, I did get the 500 ec from Thank you, Phillip!

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