Meet JoeTech, one of the best blogs in the Entrecard network

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There is one week already that I am part of the hourly enlarging Entrecard network. I have achieved some good results within it: I am on the same row with JohnChow and 1 entrecard away from ProBlogger in the Make Money Category. I would not have managed to get so high without having spent a lot of time studying and droppind cards on many blogs registered with Entrecard. As a proof of that, you can study my “Blogs I Like” Label under which I put some Entrecard registered blogs having beautifully designed banners.

So it is by knowing how things are in the Entrecard network that I will speak today about one of the best Blogs I came across in my quest for places to drop cards. Ladies and gentlemen, meet JoeTech!

Let me start by saying that JoeTech is the first blog among other 151 blogs in the Technology category at Entrecard. Should I say more? Probably not, but yet I will.

joe mdro

JoeTech has got a most friendly layout based on the 3-column concept. At first, I was somehow suspicious regarding its background, because I always disliked blogs with dark backgrounds. However, at JoeTech you will find a perfect combination of smooth dark tones of the general background overlaid with nicely rounded-up white-based blocks for posts, archives, blogroll and ad blocks.

Another thing that I like a lot at JoeTech is the fact that he has a mobile version of his blog, isnt’t that great? At the same time, it is very important for quite a lot of users to know some general data about the blog they visit. In JoeTech’s case this is more than easy: his rankings are delicately displayed right on the upper site of the blog, very good rankings I would say, by the way.

JoeTech contains posts that focus mostly on web, software and computers. However, it turns to be a source of very useful information both for specialists in the field and for those of us who “know something and wish to know more”.

I will end this review the same way I started, speaking about Entrecard. JoeTech is the only important blog that displays the Entrecard widget right in the header, for which he has been even offered an award. One more reason for you to visit this great blog which I am highly recommending!

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