MySpace and BBC - friend or foe?

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Now here's an interesting thing. On the very day we - in BBC News - are running a rather negative story about MySpace and just how difficult it can be to delete your profile, our colleagues at BBC Worldwide have signed a major deal with the biggest social networking site. A good way of proving a) how impartial we are and b) how no two parts of the BBC know what each other is up to.

The deal with MySpace TV is not the first to see BBC content made available for free on outside websites - there are a number of BBC Youtube channels and there's a deal to show programmes on Bebo.

But as far as I can tell, this is the first time the Beeb has allowed users complete freedom to use its content and embed it in their own sites. For instance, I've just gone and copied the code of this Top Gear clip from the BBC worldwide site on MySpace and pasted it right here:
Top Gear: Killing a Toyota

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