News from Buzz Blogger: 3 new languages added for the Blogger (blogspot) users

Blogger is now available in three more languages: Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian! It seems that it was hard work, because as the authors say, "supporting these languages is a huge milestone for us because — unlike the other 37 languages Blogger is translated into — Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew are written from right to left. As you can see from the above screenshot, we had to flip the whole interface around".

More than that, besides localizing the Blogger interface into these three languages, right-to-left templates and new toolbar buttons for bi-directional text editing in the post editor had to be added also.

Here is the link to the Buzz Blogger for all those wishing to learn how to Change the language preferences and settings and the way to switch to the right-to-left templates and using the bi-directional text editing.

In my most humble opinion, this is a great thing that bloggers using Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew languages will be able to blog in their mother tongue. This is on one hand. On the other hand, however, I wonder why isn't the Blogger (blogpost) team focusing on offering such vitally necessary widgets like Top Commentators, Most Popular Posts, Related Posts, Recent Comments. Or, why don't they improve the commenting system?

It is quite obvious that in the Wordpress vs Blogger Battle of Widgets of which I have already spoken in Wordpress vs Blogger Battle of Widgets Part 1, and Wordpress vs Blogger Battle of Widgets Part 2, the first one is gaining more and more users. It's only a matter of week for me to leave Blogger for Wordpress without any regrets, however, I still do not understant why a Google run enterprise cannot run up to its users expectations and offer so simple things as some widgets, as long as there are a lot of hacks already all over the Internet, proving by this, that it is possible to have those kind of widgets implemented on a Blogger (blogspot) blog.

This widgets impotence, along with the announced withdrawal of the right to refer users for AdSense for the Europe based bloggers, are the 2 steps taken by Google which I do not understand. Not even a bit of it.

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