Tips and Tricks for Bloggers. Triggit: a new professional blogging tool for professional bloggers

Triggit is a new publisher's helper going into private beta today. It makes it extremely easy to embed pictures from Flickr, videos from YouTube, affiliate sales links from Amazon, and several other types of links. Except for one thing: You don't actually embed the links in the page itself, and you don't have to make any changes to your publishing system to use it.

Instead, the Triggit system works through a tiny snippet of JavaScript that you insert in your blog or site's main template. On the authoring side, once you log in to your Triggit account, you get a simple menu on your live site that lets you select a content type from the Triggit menu as well as corresponding text or an on-page location. Again, this is from your live site, not your CMS or blogging tool. Triggit then pops the link or media file into your page, and if necessary flows text around it.

Reat the rest of the article on Triggit: a new professional blogging tool for professional bloggers. You can also find there a nice demo presentation for the new blogging tool.

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