Research School Scholarships in the Field of Life Sciences - University of Bochum

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The Research School promotes top-level postgraduate education throughout the Ruhr-University, offering unique interdisciplinary research opportunities in Germany. 12 thematic priorities from life sciences, through natural sciences and engineering to the humanities and social sciences. We provide wide prospects for an individual research project in an attractive and international research environment.

* Research School scholarships are offered as employment contracts
* Net salary after taxes approx. 1.100 € per month (E13/2 TVL)
* Net salary for engineers after taxes approx. 1.800 € per month (E13 TVL)
* In addition 1.000 € p.a. lump sum for consumables and travel
* PhD positions for three years
* special support service for foreign students
* state-of-the-art research facilities
* structured scientific programme
* transdisciplinary Science College
* training of transferable skills
* supervision and mentoring arrangements career guidance

Deadline for application is January 31, 2008.

Thematic Priorities

Natural Sciences and Engineering

* Interfacial Systems Chemistry
* Plasma Science
* Materials Science and Engineering
* Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering
* Security in Information and Communication Systems
* Advanced computational Sciences and Engineering

Life Sciences

* Macromolecular Networks
* Neuronal Cognitive Networks

Humanities and Social Sciences

* Biomedical Ethics and Public Health
* Organisation and Transformation of Semantic Spaces
* Religion and Secularisation
* Human Security in the Process of Globalisation

The coordination is handled by the Central Coordination Office (CCO) of the Research School. For further details regarding the announcement clck here

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