Tips and Tricks for Bloggers: Earn cash with aStore

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aStore is a new Associates product that gives you the power to create a professional online store, in minutes and without the need for programming skills, that can be embedded within or linked to from your website.

How does it work?

Easy! With four simple configuration pages, you can create and customize your aStore in minutes. No programming is necessary. The aStore setup tool will guide you through the process and generate a URL to which you can link or embed in your site.

How Much Does it Cost, and How Do I Get Paid?

All Associates have access to aStore, and there are no fees associated with building stores for your sites. Referral fees are handled the same as with other Associates links.

How do I get started?

1. If you are not a member of the Associates program, start by joining the program.

2. If you are already a member of the Associates program, visit the aStore section of Associates Central.

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