Tips and Tricks for Bloggers: Top 10 Free RSS ATOM Feed Submission Sites for your Blogger or Wordpress Blog

It seems that I've become obssessed with tops lately. First, it was the top of the Blog Directories you can sumbit you Blog to, then it was high time for the top 10 deadly mistakes for of pay-per-click advertising. Now I made up my mind putting forward a top 10 of Free RSS ATOM Feed Submission Sites for your Blog. Without any explanation on the advantages of getting your feed listed on these sites, here is my top of rss submission sites:
  1. FeedFury
  2. RSS Network
  3. Feedburner
  4. GoldenFeed
  5. UncleFeed
  6. Feed24
  7. Octora
  8. Gnoos
  9. News-Feeds
  10. ReadaBlog
All of them target the Bloggers writing in English. I have submitted my feed only to some of them, as I plan to move away from Blogger. At the same time, there are two Romanian feed submission sites I use: RSS Mioritics and

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