To add or not to add your Blog to a Blog directory, this is the question:). A list of the most popular blog directories on Internet, part I

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I have already spoken about the advantages and disadvantages of having a blog filled up with lots of widgets. Now it is for the utility of the blog directories to be talked upon.

Your primary benefit from listing the blog you author on one of the many blog directories includes more visitors, which stands therefore for more visibility and increased traffic. The better your blog is, the higher it gets into the listing of a web directory, thus the number of the visitors you get for it is more than acceptable.

Now, one major disadvantage that comes from listing your blog in as many blog directories as possible is that you will get lots of mine-banners to display for your visitors, which is rather annoying and disturbing. Then, there are many blogs I see enlisted in blog directories in which they are not even in the first 50 of the list. It is somehow prestigious to display on your blog a mini banner of blogarama, for instance, certifying that the blog you author is listed in this prestigious directory, but then again, your benefit form that is reduced unless you get at least in the first 50 blogs of the respective directory.

Yet, it’s only up to you whether or not you want your blog listed in those directories. Here are the first 20 blog directories you can add your blog to:

  1. Blogarama - Lists weblogs by category. Users are invited to post reviews
  2. Blog Catalog - Sites are listed by category and can also be searched. Five are selected as top weblogs, along with a spotlight weblog.
  3. Bloggernity - Searchable directory with a forum.
  4. BlogScholar - Academicportal featuring a directory of academic weblogs as well as the latest news and trends.
  5. Delightful Blogs - Collection of blogs written by and for women on a wide variety of topics.
  6. - A blog directory solely for British bloggers from all over the world.
  7. Blog Universe - Directory of weblogs as submitted and categorized by the site owners. Weblog, podcast, and video log directory.
  8. Blog Flux Directory - Based on tagging with related weblogs.
  9. - Human edited directory.
  10. Blog Search Engine - Search engine and directory listings of weblogs and tools.
  11. Bloogz - Search for weblogs by typing in a keyword. Choose from five languages.
  12. Top 100 Bloggers - General top weblog rankings.
  13. - Human-edited directory.
  14. Blog Hot or Not - View random weblogs and rate them from 1 to 10.
  15. Bloggeries - Categorized listing of weblogs from around the world.
  16. BlogHop - Portal matching weblogs with readers. Searchable and grouped by categories.
  17. Blog Dirs - Human edited weblog directory. Sites from all languagues welcome.
  18. High Class Blogs - Nonprofit directory. Awards are given out at the end of each quarter for the best weblog in each category.
  19. Business Blog Directory - A collection of business and corporate weblogs.
  20. Blogchild - Human-edited directory.

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