YouTubers given share of ad cash

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YouTube users in the UK will be given the chance to make money from the videos they post on the site. The project is already up and running in the US and is now being extended to other countries, starting in the UK.

In the US some contributors are already earning thousands of dollars each month from their films, according to the video-sharing site. The amount that is earned will depend on the number and popularity of the videos, it said.

Those signing up to the YouTube Partner Programme, as it is called, will be offered a share of the revenue generated from advertisements that run next to their video. YouTube is not disclosing the exact details of the scheme, but does say that those making "several thousand dollars a month" are regularly producing videos with over one million views.

"The more videos you have and the more popular your stuff is, the more money you are going to make," said a spokesman for the site. The first wave of US partners - including singer/songwriter Tay Zonday, wordsmith hotforwords and comedians apauledtv and peteandbrian - have already become responsible for a significant percentage of YouTube's total traffic, according to the site.

Tay Zonday's song "Chocolate Rain" has enjoyed 14m clicks to date, spawned over 1,000 response videos and seen him flown to Canada and Germany to mark YouTube's local launches in those territories. Drinks brand Dr Pepper have based a product around it and made Tay the star of a glossy ad to promote it.

In the UK, among those waiting to sign up is GiR2007, a computer scientist whose most popular video 'Pancakes' has generated 2.5m clicks to date. While Nerimon is already a YouTube star on the back of his so-called 5-fact Vlog Tag game which swept YouTube late last year.

The game involves users sharing five facts about themselves in a video and alerting five other members to the post. Those five members then make a video and so on. Nerimon now has a 10,000 strong gang of followers.

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