Final goodbye for early web icon: Farewell, Netscape!

While the runners of the two Internet browsers, Firefox and Internet Explorer, have recently announced improvements as I was mentioning yesterday in New search powers lead Firefox 3 and Microsoft Readies Internet Explorer 8 Beta the runners of another browser, Netscape, announce its demise.

A web browser that gave many people their first experience of the web is set to disappear. Netscape Navigator, now owned by AOL, will no longer be supported after 1 March 2008, the company has said.

Netscape Logo

In the mid-1990s, as the commercial web began to take off, the browser was used by more than 90% of people online. Its market share has since slipped to just 0.6% as other browsers such as Microsoft' Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox have eroded its user base.

Netscape was created by Marc Andreessen who as a student had co-authored Mosaic, the first popular web browser. His company Netscape Communications Corporation released the first version in 1994.

For the past week Netscape users have been shown a message alerting them to the end of support for the brows. It then suggests users upgrade to either Flock or Firefox.

Firefox is the main competitor to IE, particularly in Europe where it has a 28% market share, according to some statistics.


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