Is Project Wonderful better than Google’s AdSense?

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The answer is definitely not. I have Project Wonderful on my blog for about two weeks now. I used two different ad boxes, one with three columns, and another one with one column, the latter is displayed at present on INconstantIN’s Blog. However, none of them performed as well as I’ve hoped and expected. Although AdSense is more annoying, it is definitely better than Project Wonderful.

The one funny thing that I have noticed about Project Wonderful is that there are many bloggers advertising on my ad box whose blogs perform worse if compared to mine in matters of Alexa Ranking and feed readers. Let’s take an example. Viking Blogger. It has an Alexa Ranking of only 633.207, while mine is 333.201 (the lower the better) and the numbers of the feed readers are 32 at Viking Blogger and 42 in my case. Although the difference between the numbers of feed readers I have and that of Viking Blogger is not that significant, still, the difference in Alexa Ranking is huge.

So, this is the only satisfaction for the present being I get from using Project Wonderful ad network, no substantial fund gathered yet. I wonder whether I should keep using it or drop it and try something else…

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