Thinking about giving up AdSense? Here is the top 10 best get paid to click sites

I hear more and more bloggers complaining about low incomes from AdSense as well as its absolutely arbitrary banning. Thus, many of these bloggers have either given up AdSense and use now some other pay-per-click programs, or are focusing on get paid to click (PTC) sites. And here is a list of best PTC sites I came across on

Bux3 - A very new get paid to click site that is trying to catch up to the big boys. This site is one of the most controversial sites today. Try visiting this site and you will know why.

Fast - Steady at number four. A good 8-9 ads per day with 75% referral earnings, not much but they have not had a lot of bad comments floating around. This is what makes this site make it to the top 4 on this list.

Just-Click - They changed their number of promised ads in a day from 10 to 9. Maybe they aren't getting new advertisers but nonetheless, still a very very very good get paid to click site.

Paid - We thought that will be left unchallenged in the get paid to click industry. Check again, this site is now giving away 10-15 ads per day to rival the 15-17 ads that offers daily. - 15-17 ads per day. 100% referral earnings. Millions of members, currently the undisputed champion of the get paid to click indsutry.

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The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for this great list. It really does pay to have more options.
you can't just rely on one, either.

Lapa37 said...

Great information I will be checking them out.

PHP Developer said...

well thanks. I want to get out of adsense thing