TV5 MONDE launched a petition against the reform of the foreign audio-visual sector asked for by the french president, Nicolas Sarkozy

Who are we ?

Members of the TV5MONDE works council, both elected and union members, who have decided to create this website so we can combine our strengths with yours to try to secure the continuity of this TV channel unlike any other.

Facts and history to date

Since his election to President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy has made no secret of his intention to reform the foreign audio-visual sector in France. During the Ceremonie de Vœux de 2008, he also talked about the creation of a holding company, France-Monde to oversee TV5Monde, Radio France Internationale (RFI) and France 24.

TV5 staff are greatly concerned by these proposed presidential plans, as are the non-French shareholders in the channel and the diverse Francophone institutions. All were astonished by this appropriation of an important tool of Francophonie for the sole benefit of France. France has thus sent a document entitled "What TV5Monde do you want for tomorrow?" to the contributing countries of the channel. This document confirmed both their and our fears : unjustified defamation of the channel; services already in place being passed off as new initiatives by France; dismissal of the importance of an in-house news team and the channels own news productions; the undertaking of the retrieval of the TV5 distribution network (2nd worldwide network) ; finally France decreed that the President of the new holding company France Monde would also be the president of TV5Monde.
And now ?

If this project is put in place, we can fear a separation with our Swiss, Belgian and Canadian partners ; the disappearance of the Francophone identity of the channel ; the disappearance of the TV5 news team, where their reports and current affairs programmes will be replaced by strictly French productions ; clear job cuts and social rights losses for staff ; and finally, in time, the disappearance of TV5Monde, the unique medium for promotion of cultural diversity, for the profit of a plan that has a stench of neo-colonialism.

We do not want to accept such a future as an inevitability. TV5 staff are proud of their work and their channel. With your help we are going to show that this proposal is a bad one and that all, including France, have much to gain from the continuity of a channel such as TV5.

Help us in signing the petition that we have posted on this site!

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