A great contest on moneybites.com

While wanderng through the Entrecarders, I came across a great contest on moneybites.com The rules to get in are quite simple and read the following:

* Subscribe to the RSS feed – 1 points
* Write about this contest on your blog (must contain a backlink) – 3 points

What I really like is the generosity of the blogger at moneybites.com Just look at this:

First place:
* $25 Cash
* A one month ad spot on BloggerNoob.com (MoneyBites would love to extend a big thank you for the donation)
* A review of your website on MoneyBites

Second place:
* $5 Cash
* A blogroll spot on MoneyBites for 2 months

Hurry up, there are only 3 more days left!

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Mattaw said...

Perfect, thank you very much for the post.

INconstantIN said...

Thank you for the contest:)!