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From time to time, anyone of us needs to relax and enjoy the feeling of risking and being rewarded for the risk we take. There is not need now in the Internet era to do this by going to a casino or a drink-and-play bar, all we need is a computer, money and a little bit of luck, because the number of online interactive playing sites, offering backgammon opportunities, for instance, is huge. Among these sites, Gammon-World is the largest interactive online backgammon portal.

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Gammon-World opened its doors in 1999. Over 250,000 registered players play backgammon at Gammon-World. Gammon-World provides you with the ultimate Internet backgammon excitement. If you are looking to play backgammon online, learn more about backgammon, or just want to keep up with exciting backgammon updates and events, Gammon-World the Internet backgammon site for you. Gammon world is a portal offering backgammon players the latest information about backgammon tournaments and events. It provides useful background about the game and tips on how to play better.

Gammon-World is a unique concept in online backgammon games, and its free, that's right no charge to play. Play for free, and it's simple. Gammon-World is backgammon at the touch of your fingertips, whenever and wherever you decide to play backgammon online. Just go to Gammon-World and select your opponent from thousands of human opponents. Players don't even have to be logged on at the same time. Gammon-World works on any browser and it is also available in 7 languages: English, French, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, German and Dutch.

Gammon-World thousands of players play online backgammon daily for lots of great reasons:
- the players are friendly and ready to play on a moment's notice,
- the software is top-notch, the graphics are true-to-life,
- the dedicated team cares about each and every backgammon player,
- the wide range of expert backgammon tips, games, and news makes it a well rounded backgammon site.
- Gammon-World boasts a variety of backgammon tournaments, offers FREE backgammon games at the play money tables.

Gammon World, the major online backgammon community, welcomed over 100,000 players to Gammon World in the past six months, with over 2,500 players playing simultaneously at peak hours. So what are you waiting for, join these players and try out the fortune’s blessings upon you!

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