Greatest Entrecard Contest on the Internet (Sticky Post Reminder)

No, there is neither a mistake, nor an exageration in the title of this post: the contest I am to write about is the greatest contest that an Entrecard blog has ever held and I am trully proud to say that I am part of this "awards festival". Thanx, Marcus, for letting me party with you:)!

Entrecard party-contest-banner
There are contributions for 200+ winners (!) with a monetary value of more than $7,000+ (!!) and exactly 66,666ec (”ec” = Entrecard Credits)!!! This is by far the GREATEST Party Contest in Entrecard’s History!

Click here for more details on the Greatest Entrecard Contest


Raptured Dreams said...

Great contest. I wish I have the time and energy to be a part.

Hi passing by from my entrecard widget...have a nice day

INconstantIN said...

You still have a week ahead, why not giving it a chance...

Thanx, you too:)!

Seek Health. Feel Great said...

Visiting you from my entrecard widget. Have a nice weekend