Mimbo Pro, another "cheap" WordPress Theme

As I was saying in Unleash The Power of Wordpress CMS!, until today I have been presentng only free Wordpress Themes I came across on the Web 2.0. chambers of the Internet. However, it came to me that there are also bloggers outthere who make loads of money with their blogs and who are ready to cash in for a worthy WordPress Theme. And here is another one: Mimbo Pro.

Mimbo Pro is a Wordpress template designed for magazine style sites. With a colorful design and customisable layout it’s perfect for users of all skill levels. Mimbo Pro is compatible with WordPress 2.3 and above!

Mimbo pro wordpress theme mdro.blogspot.com
Mimbo pro wordpress theme mdro.blogspot.com
Mimbo pro wordpress theme mdro.blogspot.com
Mimbo Pro is a full-featured magazine/ news theme for Wordpress. Already familiar with the original Mimbo? Imagine no more manual template editing, no more Photoshop, no more image-cropping or FTP’ing. Plus a built-in contact form, image gallery, custom archive pages, breadcrumbs, ad management, Feedburner and Google Analytics options, and more. Enjoy using Wordpress like a CMS, now more than ever.
Key Features include…

* A comprehensive control panel for controlling all aspects of the site, no more editing templates manually!
* A built-in contact form with control panel options
* Attractive custom templates for: search results, date archives, sitemap, contact, author archives and category archives
* Google Analytics and Feedburner and simple advertising options in the control panel
* A custom script that automatically crops and resizes images - no more creating two or three versions of each image
* Printer-friendly rendering of single post pages

One thing I don't like at Mimbo Pro WordPress Theme is the presense of those 200x125 banner ads instead of the more frequently used 125x125 banners.


Blog economic said...

I've tried the Mimbo 2.2 version and it's really awesome + it's free :)

INconstantIN said...

I know that version too. The problem with it now it that it's overused:)!

bloggista said...

I would love to try that out. I have been looking for that better wordpress theme for my blog.

INconstantIN said...

I hope you've noiced that it's not free of charge.

Anonymous said...

Unfotunately I am on Blogger, do you know any good Blogger Templates?

INconstantIN said...

Sure, you can find some of them here.